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"Bera creates works characterized by surprising contrasts and a strong communicative power. Shapes, lines, and colors merge not only to give life to faces, but above all to evoke sensations, emotions, to tell stories..."

Art Curator
Camilla Gilardi, Milan 2021

Saskia Bera is a German visual artist who creates abstract paintings and portraits for contemporary interiors. She has already exhibited and sold her works internationally.


Bera deals with human change processes towards the positive.

People today often live in false identities full of emotional trauma, shaped by childhood experiences and disruptions of modern society such as social media. The artist is inspired by people who, against all odds, find a fulfilled and positive existence. Her work aims to motivate viewers to engage with themselves by revealing and accepting the past and transforming it into something positive in the present.


Her work is rooted in organic forms with complex layers and spots. In all of her work, there is a deliberate experiment with the element of unpredictability due to the unplanned effects of the material of alcohol-based ink in chemical and physical terms. 


11 I 2023   Krems - International Art Show 2023 Krems, group exhibition, Dominikaner Church Krems

11 I 2023   Hannover - Studio-Tour Lister Artists 2023, studio exhibition 

04 I 2023   New York - Artboxproject NYC 2.0, video installation, group exhibition, Swiss gallery ARTBOX.GROUPs


04 I 2022   Vienna - Essence of a Moment, international group exhibition 4. - 30. April,Galleria Alberi


03 I 2022   Berlin -  International group exhibition, 12. March - 6. April, opening show, Galeria Azur


09 I 2021   Paris - art3f ART FAIR, 10. -12. September, represented by Monat Gallery, Madrid


08 I 2021   Monaco - art3f ART FAIR 27. - 29.  August, represented by Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid


04 I 2021   Madrid - The Art of Light,international group exhibition, Monat Gallery 


03 I 2021   Milan - Gaia – The Origin, video installation, international group exhibition, M.A.D.S Art Gallery


02 I 2021   Florenze - International group exhibition online, Artinside Gallery Artebinaria


08 I 2020   Florenze - International group exhibition online, Artinside Gallery Artebinaria


11 I 2019   Kassel - Solo exhibition, Gallery 3W5F

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